September 2019 Newsletter

Welcome to our Monthly Newsletter to keep you informed and updated on the progress of the works at our new development.

Earlier in the month you may have noticed that the piling rig has now gone when we managed to complete all 251 concrete piles nearly 3 weeks ahead of schedule. We commenced excavating around the tops of the piles on 10th September where they get trimmed, reinforced and concreted ready to receive columns.

These works are ongoing at the moment and will do so progressively over the next month on the tall block shown in the CGI caption. The smaller block on the left is being left down for our storage and fabrication purposes at this stage. The pile caps on this block will commence around the beginning of December.

We will also be commencing the underground services and drainage installation.

These works will take approximately 3 months to both blocks. Please note that on 1st October 2019 we will be erecting our tower crane with a mobile crane based on site. This will take 2 days.

We will be looking to ‘Slip form’ the main concrete stair and lift core of the building, by doing this the core will go up at a much faster rate than the floors themselves, this saves around 4 to 5 weeks than traditional methods.

Through consultation with the Central Middlesex Hospital and TFL the Bus Lane to the hospital from Acton Lane will be suspended as will the inside lane that abuts the site hoarding on the hospital side of the development.

These alterations and diversions were to start on 16th September, however due to Thames Water works in Acton Lane it was postponed until 30th September in case of traffic build up.

Thames Water have now completed to allow this to proceed. These are temporary measures and we will update you as the works progress.

We intend to cause as little disruption as possible during the works and will keep in close contact with all our neighbours.


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