October 2019 Newsletter

Below ground works are now well under way for Block B. We have completed the majority of the foundations and the stair core works to this block. We have approximately 2 weeks of work remaining to complete the drainage. Once these works are completed we will be progressively forming the ground floor concrete floor slab.

In the month of November we will be commencing the main sewer connection, however, in our neighbourly manner and to avoid traffic build up in Acton Lane, we will be tunnelling below the road to undertake these connections. This will avoid the normal open cut method, which closes one lane at a time to complete.

Whilst the drainage connection works are being undertaken we will use the rear gate access on the hospital side that already has our traffic management in place as previously mentioned. Towards the end of next month you should see the concrete stair and lift core raising out of the building ahead of the rest of the structure.

This programme intent is for this to be up to level 14 and roof by Christmas time, whereby the rest of the concrete frame will be complete in June 2020.

Furthermore, during the month of November we will be laying the district heating pipe and gas pipes within the site boundaries before finally laying a semi-permanent hardstanding over the top for health and safety and forklift operational reasons.

We look forward to any comments or concerns that you may have, and note that we have a letter box on the Acton Lane hoarding should you want make contact in this manner.

Local labour in construction.

We are committed to employing local labour from Brent, Ealing, Hammersmith and Fulham boroughs, including 5 apprenticeships. Should you be interested please leave your details in the post box or contact us at


Tel: 020 7232 4550


Hollybrook Site Office 

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