Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the construction works take to complete?

Construction works started in August 2019 and we are due to handover to our Client, Network Homes in Summer 2021.  

I am interested in purchasing a property, how can I get more information?

Please contact Network Homes: or 

What are your working hours?  

In accordance with our planning permission any building work which can be heard at the boundary of the site may only be carried out between:

Monday to Friday:  08:00 - 18:00 

Saturday:  08:00 - 13:00

You’re not allowed to work on Saturday? 

Under our planning permission we are allowed to work on Saturday's.  Our working hours are 08:00 to 13:00.  However, this does not mean that we will be working every Saturday for the duration of the works.      

Where are you all going to park during the construction of the development?

We inform all site operatives prior to attending site, and again during their site induction that there is strictly no parking on or around the site.  We encourage all site operatives to use public transport or cycle.  

How will you deal with dust?  

We will carry out the construction works in such a way that emissions of dust and other air pollutants including smoke and odour are limited and that best practicable means are employed to avoid the creation of a statutory nuisance and risks to human health and to avoid unnecessary impacts on sensitve habits.  The site is laid out such that machinery and dust causing activities will be located away from sensitive receptors, where reasonably practicable.  Hoardings and other barriers have been erected along the site boundary to mitigate the spread of dust to any sensitive buildings or other environmental receptors. 

How will you deal with noise and vibration? 

Hollybrook will adhere to the key legislation on noise and vibration as detailed in the: 
  1.  Control of Pollution Act 1974 
  2.  Environmental Protection Act 01990 (ss79-82) 
  3.  BS 5228:1997, Code of Practice on Construction and Open Site. 

Site operations will be controlled so that all plant and machinery noise emissions (including the provision of ventilation, heating and cooling) shall be designed, installed and operated at noise levels that do not cause noise nuisance to the nearest adjoining residential properties. 
Hollybrook shall ensure that disruptive sound levels will be kept to a minimum and will implement the use of specialist sound monitoring equipment at the site boundary in locations to be agreed with the Local Authorities Environmental Health Team. 

A variety of measures will be used to affect the reduction of noise transmitted from site where required, this may include: 

  • Coordinated delivery times and efficient traffic management to prevent queues traffic accessing the site. 

  • Ensuring all plant has sound reduction measures (mufflers, baffles or silencers). 

  • Utilising construction techniques that minimise the production of noise.  

  • Utilisation of baffle system during the demolition process. 

  • Strict adherence to the site working hours. 

  • Using acoustic hoarding where necessary. 

  • Carry out daily noise surveys at perimeter of site and record findings.  Implement an action plan where noise levels exceed acceptable levels.  

  • Positioning plant away from properties 

  • Machines in use will be throttled down to a minimum 

  • Cutting operations will be kept off site as much as possible by pre-fabrication 

  • Localised shrouding of plant in accordance with BS5228 

What have you got planning permision for? 

The OPDC granted planning permission for erection of two buildings between six, ten, twelve and fourteen storeys comprising 105 residential units and 280 sqm of commercial floorspace, public open space, accessible parking, cycle storage, landscaping and related ancilliary works.  

Who can I complain to?

If you have a complaint please contact Hollybrook directly as we will be happy to discuss any issues you may have and work to try and find a solution.  Email: or phone us on 020 7232 4550.  

How are you dealing with deliveries? 

A preliminary logistics report predicts that at peak 25-30 vehicle movements will be occurring per day through the site.  All vehicle movements will be controlled by the traffic management team who shall coordinate all construction traffic to and from site.  All delivery vehicles will be parked on site in specific holding areas set aside from the construction works. 
Vehicles will be booked on a weekly basis and controlled by our logistics manager and there will be rigid control of vehicles entering and leaving the compound to prevent congestion on the approach and exit roads. 

What action are you taking for recycling?

Hollybrook has implemented a re-cycling regime for materials and packaging.  Our waste management contractor will compile a weekly report quantifying the materials recovered and the extent of those materials to be recycled.  It is planned that site waste will be reduced through segregation and recycling with a target of 96% diverted from landfill. 
Hollybrook intends to segregate the following materials in the material recovery programme;  

  • Timber

  • Plastics 

  • Metal 

  • Plasterboard 

  • Pallets and cable drums 

  • Glass 

  • Concrete/Blocks/Bricks 

Due to site restrictions all materials will be placed in skips on site and sorting will take place at our contractors recycling facility. 

Where will you be sourcing your materials?

Hollybrook source all of the materials responsibly. 
In creating and maintaining the built environment we select and use a large volume of resources. The choices we make have a significant impact on people, organisations and the wider environment.   
We have developed a Sustainable Procurement Policy which outlines how we and our supply chain will influence procurement choices of goods, works and services to increase value for money, reduce consumption of primary resources and use materials with fewer negative impacts on the environment.  By operating in line with this policy we will play our part in reducing risks, safeguarding natural resources, improving resource efficiency, reducing waste, saving money and stemming the loss of biodiversity.    
Our approach to sustainable procurement is in line with the principles contained within BS 903. This standard was created to help pursue best procurement practice.  Hollybrook's Sustainable Procurement Policy’s aims and objectives:   

  • Use fewer resources and less energy through continuous improvement and the use of innovative solutions. 

  • Procure all timber and timber products from legal and sustainable sources, and procure with a preference other construction materials from recognised responsible sourcing schemes. 

  • Specify and procure materials and products that strike a responsible balance between social, economic and environmental factors and generate benefits to society and the economy. 

  • Use resource-efficient products and give due consideration to end-of-life uses. 

  • Influence, specify and source increasing amounts of materials which can be reused, and consider future deconstruction and recovery of resources to embrace the circular economy to leave a sustainable legacy across the built environment.   

  • Ensure that fair contract prices and terms are applied and respected. 

  • Source goods, works and services that embody our environmental policy, health & safety policy and support the delivery of our Sustainable Development Strategy.   

I would like to apply for a job?  

We are looking for workers local to the area so all enquiries are welcome!  Please complete our Local Labour contact form or email us at  Be sure to let us know what trade your are interested in and what experience you have.